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Vintage Pioneer SX-880 Stereo Receiver - Everything Works


Pioneer SX-850 Monster Reciever, super clean ready to go. 65 Watts x 2 SX-880


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-890 SX-790 Function Knob AAB-175


Vintage Pioneer SX-880 Stereo Receiver - All Original


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 PCBIC Tuner Assembly AWE-099


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-1080 SX-1280 SX-980 SX-680 Balance Knob AAB-176


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-790 SX-3800 SX-3900 Power Switch ASK-507


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-890 SX-3700 SX-3800 SX-3900 Lamp Socket


Pioneer SX-880 or SX-890 NEC Out Put Transistor 2SD745A


Pioneer SX-880 SX-890 Control ( Bass) ACV-195


Pioneer SX-880 SX-890 Control ( Treble) ACV-196


Pioneer SX-680 SX-880 SX-780 SX-580 Function Rotary Switch ASE-107 or ASE-108


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 Bottom Plate AXX-001


Pioneer SX-880 or SX-890 NEC Out Put Transistor 2SB705A or B705A


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-790 SX-890 Tuning Flywheel Shaft Assy AXA - 211


Pioneer SX-780 SX-790 SX-880 Signal Meter AAW-093


Pioneer SX-850 SX-880 SX-838 SX-737 SX-3900 Power Switch ASK-066


Pioneer SX-838 SX-737 SX-3900 SX-880 SX-850 SG-9500 Power Switch ASK-097


Pioneer SX-680 SX-880 SX-780 SX-580 SX-790 SX-890 Balance Contol ACT-019


Receiver Pioneer SX-780/ SX-880 tuner assembly AWE-099 / ANP-786E


Pioneer SX 650 SX-880 SX-890 Bass Control ACV-159


Pioneer SX-780 SX-680 SX-580 SX-880 Tuning Knob AAA-050


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-580 SX-680 Dial Drum & Dial Point AXA-113 & AAF-074


Pioneer SX-780 SX-880 SX-680 SX-580 Base Foot Assembly ANR-022


6 LED lamp fits Pioneer SX-980 SX880 SX780 SX580 some other Receivers and tuner


6 BLUE LED wedge lamp fits Pioneer receiver SX-980 SX-780 SX-880


6 LED wedge White lamp fits Pioneer receiver SX-680 SX-780 SX-880


Pioneer SX-680 SX-880 SX-750 SA-7500 SX-780 SX-580 SpeakerTermial AKE-026




Pioneer, AKN-009 SX-780 SX-880 SX-680 SX-750 SX-550 SX-450 Ear Phone Jack


Pioneer SX-880 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Power Lever Switch with Knob. PN: ASK-507


Pioneer SX-880 ac outlets sockets


Pioneer SX-880 speaker connectors terminals - #2


Pioneer SX-880 input connectors


Pioneer SX-880 antenna connectors terminals


Pioneer SX-880 Watt Meters PAIR Guaranteed


Pioneer 8-pin Toggle Switch for SX-880 3-position ASK-150 Tape Monitor


Pioneer SX-880 tuner


PIONEER ACV-161-0 VOLUME Control Potentiometer SX-580 680 SX-780 SX-880 SX-980